Sofie Loizou

Limited edition vinyl – Aphoria Horizonte

Title: Aphoria Horizonte
Artist: Sofie Loizou
Side A – Saturday Night Blues
Side B – Aphoria Horizonte

Format: 10″ Limited Vinyl
Label: Radical Nature
Cat#: RNV002

Release Date: Friday 30th November 2012

Radical Nature Records is proud to present the second in a series of 10” vinyl releases – Aphoria Horizonte by Sofie Loizou.

Following the success of Radical Nature’s previous release, a collaboration between Sofie Loizou & bvdub, Sofie packed up her tools of the trade; arriving in Berlin just as the grey skies parted. Embedded in Berlin’s creative scene, she spent the summer and autumn in her well-travelled studio enticing warm, organic sounds and curious samples, drenched in the rich overtones of dusty old synths.

“Aphoria Horizonte” is an emotionally sublime duet. Saturday Night Blues depicts subtle hues emanating from the shadows of a lost weekend. Shuffling beats and deep bass will warm up any darkly lit space.

Complimenting this is the title track, Aphoria Horizonte; a psychedelic mantra incorporating broken rhythms and dreamy melodic noise; overwhelming the senses and taking you soaring into another dimension.

Presented in beautiful full-colour cover art, created and designed by Bec Paton from Sydney’s Equilibrium design and mastered at Berlin’s infamous Dubplates & Mastering.

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