Sofie Loizou

Limited Edition Vinyl – Millions ft Natalia Grosiak / bvdub

Progressive Australian producer Sofie Loizou has collaborated with an impressive array of artists for her solo debut 10 inch vinyl dubbed Millions.
Millions started its life as a collaboration with Polish sound artist Dawid Szczesny, and Chanteuse Natalia Grosiak on vocals. Sofie combined the talents of these two artists to create a timeless piece that is elegant, velvety and uniquely feminine.
The song is remixed by the prodigious US artist Brock Van Wey better known as bvdub, whose vividly haunting musical aesthetic matches perfectly with the original.
The images for the sticker insert were visual interpretations of different voices in the music. The idea was to create a sensory response for the listener–viewer.
The EP is evocative and wistful, enveloping the listener in a dream state. The combination of Natalia’s enchanting vocals and exquisite textural sound beds creates a sublime experience of blissful melancholy.

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